Monday, January 01, 2007

For Mac Eyes Only - "Virtualize Me"

Episode #006

A weekly podcast for the Mac community offering different perspectives on current Mac news and events.

Macworld Expo Predictions: Week 3
Our final round of predictions for products Steve Jobs will announce at January's Macworld Expo.

> Parallels Beta 3 released.
> VMware Fusion Public Beta now available. Does anyone care?
> New security updates from Apple and Microsoft
> Apple][Go - Virtualize your old Apple II on the Mac. Super cool!

We continue our answer to Angela and Jason. This week: Choose the right Mac desktop. We compare and contrast Apple's current line up.
Mac mini
$999 iMac
Mac Pro

Also a bit of advice to Bekki on purchasing a Macbook Pro vs. Macbook / iMac combo.

Looking for your input on next week's show. Should we do our regular show on Monday and cover Macworld Expo the following week or should I do a special Macworld episode Tuesday night or Wednesday? Call me or drop me an e-mail to share your thoughts!

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