Monday, February 26, 2007

For Mac Eyes Only - "Monkey Load O' Macs"

Episode #015

A weekly podcast for the Mac community offering different perspectives on current Mac news and events.

This week on For Mac Eyes Only we discuss iTunes gift cards, Macs on campus, a slew of updates coming soon and wireless encryption on your AirPort Extreme router.

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> New iPhone commercial
> Apple TV display in the Apple Stores (UPDATE!)
> New seminar from Apple for lucky new Mac users
> EMI backs out of free and clear MP3 offer
> Wilkes University goes Mac
> Ballmer blames pirates for crappy Windows Vista sales
> Fire calls it quits. Check out Adium instead.
> RUMOR: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop CS3 AND new Macs coming soon?
> is 20 and Jobs turns 52.
> Out of the Gene Pool shops for a Mac (Series begins here).
> Are we a cult? Yes... the Cult of Mac.
> macCompanion's I Love My Mac campaign! Winners to be announced on Mac ReviewCast

Enable WPA encryption on your new AirPort Extreme router.

Links to Know:
Apple Support: enabling WPA on the AirPort Extreme
Gibson Research's Perfect Password Generator

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