Monday, February 12, 2007

For Mac Eyes Only - "Wonkey Wireless"

Episode #013

A weekly podcast for the Mac community offering different perspectives on current Mac news and events.

This week on For Mac Eyes Only we speculate on the lull before the eruption, opine on some of the top headlines this week and give hints for bringing your MacBook Pro's wireless back to life.

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> Rumor: AppleTV delayed until March?
> Senator tries to save iPod users from themselves
> Steve Jobs challenges the Music Industry
> Apple legal screws up another good thing
> Rumor: Apple to replace all iPod drives with flash?
> Rumor: CompUSA knows something we don't know?
> Apple Stores prep for Vista Questions
> Turn on the floor lights, Disco hits 1.0
> Lava (brand) Lamp for your Mac (Marc's Blog)

Promo: macCompanion's I Love My Mac campaign!

A FIX for the AirPort Extreme Update 2007-001 for MacBook Pro owners.

Links to Know:
Performing an Archive and Install
MacFixIt's Guide to restoring your wireless connection
OS X for Intel 10.4.8 Update
Pacifist 2.0.1

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Brad P. from NJ said...

Our mac-deprived friends...


I thought I was comin' here for Mac technical news... not throwin' down Mac-gang-sign...

Awesome production, man. Now, I just need to barge in now and then to offer the annoying, taped-glasses, safety pin screw hole filled, pocket-protector carrying pseudo-geek side...

Mike, ESC!Cast Network said...

Hey Brad, everyone is welcome to join the fun!

We've got the perfect UNIX engine purring under the hood of our big cats that's tailor made for the safety pin, screw-hole-filled and taped glasses crowd!

Windows XP user is contemplating a switch to the Mac... Allow or Deny?