Monday, April 23, 2007

For Mac Eyes Only - "MacBook Pwned"

Episode #023

This week on For Mac Eyes Only we discuss deploying Macs in business, Dell says "No" to Vista, hacking MacBook Pros, iPhoto for Windows, webcams for your Mac and we replace another part of .Mac.

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> Mac sales growth 10 times industry average
> Dell tells Microsoft to keep XP alive
> Security update 2007-004
> CanSecWest says "Hack our Macs!" One team does.
> Teens learning to "Just Say No" to ... P2P?
> Microsoft debuts Silverlight
> Mozilla releases Thunderbird 2.0
> Adobe helps clean up CS3 Beta before installing CS3 Final.
> RUMOR: Resolution Independence in Leopard confirmed?
> RUMOR: Apple TV soon to line Target's shelves
> RUMOR: iPhoto for Windows?
> Vintage Apple ][ sells for nearly as much as it sold new.
> Apple ][ History

Replacing .Mac One Piece at a Time: Photo Sharing with Picasa Web Albums

Listener Mail:
USB Webcam Not Working

> Centrios
> Ecamm iChatUSBCam
> Macam
> IOXWebcam X
> Logitech
> Ecamm iMage USB Webcam

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