Monday, June 04, 2007

For Mac Eyes Only - "CAUTION: Crazed Bunnies@Work"

Episode #028

This week on For Mac Eyes Only we discuss personal information in iTunes tracks, Zune falling out of favor, YouTube and AppleTV, the iPhone's release date, kicky orange iMacs(?) and pitting a Mac Plus against the best XP has to offer.

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> Apple hides Account Info in tracks? (Ars / TUAW / EFF)
> Security Update ... updated
> Leaving so Zune?
> QuickTime Security Updates
> iTunes 7.2 to support iTunes Plus
> iTunes Plus vs. iTunes
> Samba should sit this one out? (Samba Update)
> Jobs announces YouTube on AppleTV
> All YouTube videos to be re-encoded in H.264
> Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Pow Wow
> Parallels sets sights on Fusion with 3.0 upgrade
> iPhone release date confirmed
> RUMOR: New iMacs at WWDC continued
> RUMOR: New MacBook Pros tomorrow?
> Fun News: Mac Plus vs. AMD Dual Core

Listener Questions and Feedback:

How-To Correction from last week

How-To: Jim's Boot Camp Clock Woes
> Suggest turning off Clock synchronization in Windows
> Other Possible solution in Apple Discussion Forums

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