Monday, June 18, 2007

For Mac Eyes Only - "Going On Safari"

Episode #030

This week on For Mac Eyes Only we discuss Safari on Windows, more iPhone details, the future of gaming on the Mac, new iMacs redux and multiple music libraries.

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> One Million new Safari Users in 48 Hours
> Apple Sends iPhone Info to Potential Buyers
> Apple Shares Final iPhone Tech Specs
> EA Uses Cider for Gaming
> Tech 5 from ID Software
> Parallels Server Announced
> VMware Fusion On Sale
> Taking Orders for Leopard
> RUMOR: New iMacs Now Expected in Late Summer
> Joy of Tech and the RDF

Listener Questions and Feedback:

How-To: Create Multiple iTunes Libraries

How-To Update: Jim's Boot Camp Clock

Links to Know:
> The Mac Round Table
> Safari 3.0 Download
> iPhone Application List
> TransGaming's Cider
> Bud Tribble and the Reality Distortion Field

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