Monday, June 25, 2007

For Mac Eyes Only - "iPhrenzy"

Episode #031

This week on For Mac Eyes Only we discuss failings of Vista, the pending release of the iPhone, Leopard leaks, preparing for your iPhone camp out, introducing FMEO Quick Tips and how to stop your Mac from feeling blue.

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> AT&T Ready For the iPhone Launch?
> How Much Is That Data in the iPhone?
> Friday's 6pm Launch is in the Hands of FedEx
> Top Secret iPhone Tests
> "Complete Guide to iPhone Apps" at iLounge
> Video of Leopard in Action
> Leopard's Road Map to Release
> Apple Releases 10.4.10
> Popping Speakers After Upgrade?
> Safari Beta Update
> YouTube On iPhone
> HamachiX Updated
> VMware Fusion Tweaked for 10.4.10
> FUN NEWS: Blue Screen in Leopard's Windows Share
> FUN NEWS: Must Haves for your iPhone Camp Out

Listener Questions and Feedback:

Matt Finishes his FrankenBook

FMEO Quick Tip: Get Rid of That Trash

How-To: What To Do When Your Mac Won't Boot

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