Tuesday, July 10, 2007

For Mac Eyes Only - "Being Apple Inc"

Episode #033

This week on For Mac Eyes Only we discuss the Apple Store opening in Madison, iPhone hacking successes, updated iMac rumors, repairing your Mac with a sledgehammer and updating a Mac mini to Leopard.

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> Pics from Apple Store Madison
> DVD Jon hacks the iPhone
> Software to unlock the iPhone
> iPhone Interface
> SSH shell on iPhone
> Universal Music Group goes month by month
> Apple debuts Next Big Thing
> I see London ... I see Steve Jobs
> RUMOR: New keyboard for iMac?
> RUMOR: Multi-touch mouse?
> RUMOR: iLife '0X Gold Master?
> RUMOR: Widescreen iPod in January?
> RUMOR: Rotary dial-like iPhone?
> FUN NEWS: User smashes MacBook and gets a new one

Listener Questions and Feedback:

> Kurt Asks about upgrading a Mac mini to Leopard, upgrading multiple Macs and Apple TV hacks.
Apple TV Plugin Links: (link 1), (link 2)

FMEO Quick Tip: What's that Oval Button Do?

Lock Your Desktop The Smart Way

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Apple Phone Show
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