Monday, August 27, 2007

For Mac Eyes Only - "Genuine Disadvantage"

Episode #040

This week on For Mac Eyes Only Mike discusses the break down of WGA, Apple's hospitableness toward hackers, the divisiveness of iMovie '08, Apple laptops as harbingers of change, Wal-Mart's entrance to DRM-free music sales, Chicken Little-like screams from a security company, the possibility of new iPods only a week away, plus how to migrate Publisher files to your Mac.

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> Microsoft's WGA Server Down for the Count
> First Full iPhone Unlock Code (via TUAW)
> And the Second and Third
> Legal to Unlock Your Phone?
> Apple's VP of Apps says iMovie '08 is the Future (via MacDaily News)
> MacBooks Driving Transformation in PC Sales (via
> Thieves Cut Hole in Apple Store to Steal Laptops (via TUAW)
> Wal-Mart Enters DRM-free Music Biz
> Microsoft Releases HD Photo for Photoshop
> The Sky Is Falling Says Symantec (via MacDaily News)
> iPhone Updated to 1.0.2
> iMovie Update Fixes .Mac Posting
> NeoOffice 2.2.1 Released
> Mailplane 1.5 Fixes iPhoto '08 Integration
> Parallels Desktop 3.0 Beta 2 Announced
> RUMOR: New OS X Based iPods Soon?
> RUMOR: iPod nano mark III Revealed?
> RUMOR: An All iPod Day Sept. 5th? (via TUAW)
> Oxmoor Center Apple Store in KY to Open September 8th (via TUAW)
> Photos from Apple Store Glasgow Opening
> FUN NEWS: Leopard Welcome Movie?

FMEO Quick Tip: Use Spotlight as an Application Launcher

Transfer MS Publisher Documents to Pages '08
> MS Says Export As TIF!
> PDF Exporter for Publisher 2007
> Adobe PageMaker 7.0
> Adobe InDesign CS3
> MS Offers Steps from Publisher to Word doc

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