Monday, September 17, 2007

For Mac Eyes Only - "Caveat Hacker"

Episode #043

This week on For Mac Eyes Only Mike rants about hardware and software support on the Mac, the iPhone comes to Europe and the UK, Apple maliciously breaking hacks?, a review of a Logitech webcam, we visit with Jason of The MacBook Podcast, plus the usual tips, tricks and How To's.

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> Apple Event in London Tomorrow (via ThinkSecret)
> Apple Says Updates Will Break Hacks (via Engadget)
> Open Source iPhone Hacks Kaput? (via TUAW)
> Apple Says How to Claim Your iPhone Credit
> Fox Says They're Staying for Now
> Rogue Amoeba Helps With Ringtones
> Guitar Hero III Coming to the Mac (via TUAW)
> Scores of Updates from Apple
> iTunes 7.4.2 Released
> Cyberduck Updates FTP App
> Parallels 3.0 Feature Update
> RUMOR: Apple Closer to 30 Day Rentals?
> FUN NEWS: Lisa Early Adopter Store Credit

This Week's MacBook Podcast Tip by Jason Whitener: Synchronizing Mail with .Mac
> Visit The MacBook Podcast

For Mac Eyes Only Review: Mike Reviews the Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision Webcam
> Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision (via
> Logitech's List of UVC Supported Cameras

How-To: Three Questions from Sherri
> iWork '08
> NeoOffice
> Disco
> FMEO Review of Disco
> Apple's .Mac
> Abiword
> Bean
> WriteRoom
> Scrivener

Listener Mail: Check Out the Free Mac Workshops at the Utah Education Network
> - (Thanks Ross!)

Links to Know:
> ESC!Cast now on Pownce
> macCompanion Magazine
> Flip4Mac
> Perian

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