Monday, September 10, 2007

For Mac Eyes Only - "iPhone Price Plunge"

Episode #042

This week on For Mac Eyes Only Mike discusses the iPhone price drop, exciting news for the podcast, iTunes Ringtones on the cheap, the possibility of iTunes movie rentals, a visit from Jason of The MacBook Podcast, plus the usual tips, tricks and How To's.

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> $100 Rebate for Early Adopters
> Ringtone Workaround in Newest iTunes
> Apple Forces Authentication To Play Videos From iPod
> Pro Application Update 4.0.2
> Yahoo Messenger Ver. 3 Beta 2 Released
> Growl 1.1 is Out
> RUMOR: Movie Rentals in iTunes Store? (via TUAW)
> RUMOR: 3G iPhone for Germany? (via TUAW)
> FUN NEWS: iHave Entitlement Issues t-shirt

This Week's MacBook Podcast Tip by Jason Whitener: Finding With Finder
> Visit The MacBook Podcast

Listener Review: MikeB Reviews the iMage USB Webcam
> Ecamm Network

How-To: PowerMac Sleeping On The Job
> Reset the PMU (via Apple Support)
> Test the Internal Battery (via Apple Support)

To Apple TV or Not To Apple TV
> OWC - miniStack External Hard Drives
> Elgato - eyeTV Hybrid
> Apple TV
> Apple TV Hacks - Add External Drive

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