Tuesday, September 04, 2007

For Mac Eyes Only - "NBC'ya!"

Episode #041

This week on For Mac Eyes Only Mike discusses NBC's pull-out from the iTunes Store, another big store folds in the face of iTunes, a teen who gets a car for an iPhone, Mailplane gives us more reasons to love it, a visit from Jason of The MacBook Podcast, plus the usual tips, tricks and How To's.

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> Apple Sells Shows in the UK
> Sony's Connect Music Store Goes Boots Up (via Playlist Mag)
> $100K for an iPhone Hack
> Teen Trades Hacked iPhone for a Car (via Mac Daily News)
> Not All Hacking Goes So Well
> AppTapp Installer Makes iPhone Apps Easier (via TUAW)
> iPhoto 08 Updated to 7.0.2
> AirPort Extreme Meets Draft Specs with New Update
> Adium Updated to 1.1.2
> Eudora 8.0 Beta 1 Set Free
> Mailplane Release Adds Ton of New Features
> FUN NEWS: Apple Working on an iCar?

FMEO Quick Tip: Inverse Your Screen! (Sent in by Mike B.)

This Week's MacBook Podcast Tip by Jason Whitener: Keyboard Shortcuts
> Visit The MacBook Podcast

Speed Up Your Dashboard

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