Monday, September 24, 2007

For Mac Eyes Only - "Pandora's Box of Trouble"

Episode #044

This week on For Mac Eyes Only thoughts on the iPod Touch, CBS sticks with iTunes, Apple on track for their biggest quarter ever, illegal CD ripping in Germany, Leopard inches nearer to release, we visit with Jason of The MacBook Podcast, plus the usual tips, tricks and How To's.

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> Apple Going Rotten?
> Bricking Your iPhone the Apple Way
> iPhone Coming in UK, Germany and France
> Starbucks To Give Away 50 Million iTunes Tracks (via MacDaily News)
> Two Million Mac Quarter
> Ed Burns Latest in iTunes Store (via TUAW)
> CBS Commits to iTunes
> NBC Direct Route to Failure?
> Now Illegal to Rip CDs in Germany!
> Apple and Samsung Join Forces on New Printers (via MacDaily News)
> Software Update 1.0 for MacBooks and MacBook Pros
> RapidWeaver 3.6.3 Released
> Madden '08 and Tiger Woods '08 Hit the Shelves
> Feral Interactive Delays Colin McRae Rally Mac
> Office 2008 Information and Pricing
> RUMOR: Coming in September '08?
> RUMOR: Leopard Near Gold Master?
> RUMOR: New Hardware Specs for Leopard
> RUMOR: Ultra Thin MacBooks Coming Soon?
> RUMOR: Steve Jobs Says to Expect 3G iPhone Next Year?

This Week's MacBook Podcast Tip by Jason Whitener: Backing Up Your iTunes Library
> Visit The MacBook Podcast

How-To: Reset the Administrator Password (with Bonus Quick Tip!)

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