Tuesday, November 06, 2007

For Mac Eyes Only - "The Best Laid Plans..."

Episode #049

This week on For Mac Eyes Only Mike upgrades two more Macs - what worked and what borked, Listener Leopard installation issues, FileVault migration issues?, Trust the Source, 2 Million copies sold, iPhone users beware ... Seriously this time!, Jason of The MacBook Podcast stops by, a couple Quick Tips for Leopard and more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm very sorry to tell you that our "live" 1 Year Anniversary episode of FMEO on Talk Shoe - originally scheduled for Nov. 10th - has been canceled. In its place, our Anniversary episode will be released next Monday, November 12th in the regular feed. Please listen to this week's show for hows and whys.

In an attempt to make it up to all of you who told me you were looking forward to this, I'll try to get some live shows scheduled in the coming months after the holidays.

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> Bring back your calendars after upgrading to Leopard.
> FileVault Issues After Upgrade?
> Apple Support: Repair FileVault Images
> OS X Trojan in the Wild (via Macworld)
> Macworld's Tips for Identifying Malware
> Leopard's Firewall Not Ready for Primetime?
> Over 2 Million Leopards Sold!
> UPDATE: MacBooks Get Speed Bump and New Graphics Chipset
> UPDATE: MacBook Pro Now Clocking In At 2.6GHz
> UPDATE: iTunes 7.5 Released Today
> UPDATE: QuickTime 7.3 Supports New iTunes and Bug Fixes
> UPDATE: Flash Player Updated for Leopard
> UPDATE: Microsoft Releases Beta 2 of their Remote Desktop Client v. 2
> RUMOR: iPhone Update 1.1.2 Coming Friday? (via MacDailyNews)
> FUN NEWS: The iPod Death Clock

Quick Tip: Flatten Leopard's Dock.
> Via Terminal:
defaults write com.apple.dock no-glass -boolean YES
killall dock

> Dock Switcher

Quick Tip: Change the Look of Leopard's Dock.
> Leopard Docks

MacBook Podcast Tip by Jason Whitener: Free Your Widgets of the Dashboard
> Amnesty Widgets

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Listener Question: Mike asks how to give Leopard's 3D dock to Tiger.

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