Wednesday, January 02, 2008

For Mac Eyes Only - "A Look Mac"

Episode #056

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike looks back at the 7 most significant Apple products of 2007, iDisk Security concerns, CS3 under fire, ModBook in the wild, iPhone update screen grabs, huge update for Leopard soon, live the glory days of the Mac online, MacBook docks, Time Machine woes, syncing calendars, Jaime comes full circle, plus all the usual tips and tricks.

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> Security Hole in iDisk?
> CS3 Phone Home
> Warner Goes DRM Free
> Axiotron's ModBook Now Shipping
> UPDATE: Security Update 2007-009 Updated
> UPDATE: Keyboard Update for MacBook and MacBook Pro
> RUMOR: iPhone 1.1.3 Screen Shots Leaked
> RUMOR: iPhone Will Break Unlocks and Hacks
> RUMOR: OS X 10.5.2 Update Will Be Huge!
> FUN NEWS: WebSE Lets You Relive System 7 Days

FMEO Quick Tip: Quick Look Tips for Leopard Users

Listener Question: Tiny Fonts in Outlook

Listener Question: MacBook Docks
> BookEndz

Listener Question: Time Machine Wipes Old Backups Without Warning?

Listener Question: Syncing iCal and Google Calendar
> FMEO Tip Sheet #3
> Spanning Sync

Listener Feedback: Je'aime Come Full Circle With His MacBook Pro
> Commodore 64
> Mac LC 630 / Performa 640 DOS Compatible

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> macCompanion Magazine

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