Monday, April 07, 2008

For Mac Eyes Only - "A Whole Heap of Macs"

Episode #070

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike discusses his trip to see the world premiere of "Welcome to Macintosh", Millions of colors can't be wrong, Qwest to AT&T, 10.5.3 closer than we thought, new round of updates from Apple, ImageWell, Adobe's Lightroom Beta, Should you hold off on a new iMac or iPhone?, Birth of an Apple Store, Gary's News and Views from Across the Pond, Jason's MacBook Podcast tip, Sharing printers in OS X, MetaX, What is "other", and MMORPG for Mac?

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> Apple Sued over 20" iMac Display
> 20" iMac Tech Specs
> Qwest to Move to AT&T?
> 10.5.3 Seeded to Outside Developers.
> Apple UPDATES: iTunes 7.6.2, QuickTime 7.4.5, Front Row 2.1.3 (download)
> Apple UPDATES: Keynote 4.0.3 and AirPort Admin Utility 4.2.5 (download)
> UPDATE: ImageWell 3.5 Released
> UPDATE: Adobe Lightroom 2.0 Beta
> GAMING: Quake 3 on the iPod Touch?
> RUMOR: iMac Upgrade Coming?
> RUMOR: Mossberg and AT&T Mobility CEO say G3 iPhone is Coming?
> FUN NEWS: Birth of an Apple Store Webcam

Gary Malpas' News and Views from Across the Pond - UK and EU News:
> Orange France: 90,000 iPhones sold
> iPhone Refurb Store now in UK online Apple Store
> Cancom buys Scotsys Edinburgh Retail Store
> Square Group is hosting a font management presentation by Extensis
> Remix the new Radiohead
> TV shows launched on iTunes Germany
> BBC prepared to retaliate if ISPs stifle iPlayer
> BT Phorm storm - trial was 'illegal'
> Teammates give David Beckham golden 32GB Apple iPod Touch
> Apple is the most blog-friendly brand in the UK
> The Kooks Live From London
> Council of Europe, ISPs draft anti-cybercrime tactics
> BT unveils which towns will get next-gen broadband
> Pirate Bay hit with $2.5 million demand
> Griffin offers Wave case for iPhone
> Hey Apple: about those iTunes Rentals...

MacBook Podcast Tip with Jason Whitener: Clone your boot drive.

Visit The MacBook Podcast

For Mac Eyes Only Quick Tip: Sharing Printers with Other Macs

Web Travels with Dan: MetaX

Listener Question: Jason asks: What is "other" on iPod?

Listener Question: Brian is looking for native OS X "Knight Online" Client
> Knight Online
> Codeweavers CrossOver Games
> VMware Fusion
> Q [kju:] - x86 emulation for PPC and Intel Macs
> Darwine

Links to Know:
> "Welcome to Macintosh" the Movie
> Welcome to Macintosh Ning Group

> ESC!Cast now on Pownce
> macCompanion Magazine

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