Monday, June 16, 2008

For Mac Eyes Only - "Let's Call It 'Snowy'"

Episode #080

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike recaps WWDC news since the keynote, Gary's iPod Touch review, Web Travels with Dan, OS X on any PC, Qik on iPhone, Leopard Security Guide, Virtualizing OS X Server, More Audiobook tips, Do Not Disconnect, Ripping video from DVDs, force iPod connect, MacBook sleeping with lid closed, Maxtor and Time Machine.

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> Snow Leopard
> RUMOR: Snow Leopard to Require Intel?
> AT&T iPhone Plans
> RUMOR: iPhone Download Speed Caps?
> MobileMe Details
> SproutCore = Cocoa for the Net?
> Safari Carpet Bomb Code Created ... for Windows
> OS X on any PC?
> Qik for iPhone
> Leopard Security Configuration Guide (PDF)
> Tiger Security Configuration Guide (PDF)
> ATI Radeon HD 3870 for Mac Pro
> UPDATE: VMware Fusion to run OS X Leopard Server
> UPDATE: Parallels Desktop 3.0 build 5608 Released
> UPDATE: Avery DesignPro for Mac
> UPDATE: Growl 1.1.3
> UPDATE: iMovie, iDVD, QuickTime updates
> UPDATE: AirPort Utility 5.3.2 for Leopard
> UPDATE: Xserve EFI Firmware 1.1
> RUMOR: iTunes 7.7 to Debut Soon?
> FUN NEWS: Liquid Mac


Gary Malpas reviews the iPod Touch
Also discussed:
> O2 Tariffs
> Apple iPhone Countries

Web Travels with Dan:

For Mac Eyes Only Listener Quick Tip: Kit shares his tips for listening to audiobooks on your iPod

Listener E-mails:

Question: Brian's iPod stuck at Do Not Disconnect

Question: Taking snippets of video from a DVD
> Handbrake

Question: iPod won't always connect

Force a reconnect via Terminal using these commands:
> sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext
> sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext

Question: How to keep the MacBook awake with the lid closed
> Using external display, keyboard and mouse (via Apple Support)
> Using InsomniaX

Question: Did the Maxtor Hard Drive work?

Feedback: Which rinky-dink paper and why aren't you on Twitter?!?

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Anonymous said...

Hey mike. 2 things.

1. On the show you said the iPod Touch update 2.0 would be $20. But infact it is only $9.95!

2. I have come up with 5 reasons one might want to update to "snowy"

1. They are fanboys (i fall in this category) People who update just because Apple told them to

2. Developers. There are a lot of great dev tools in Snow Leopard that I think they want to take advantage of

3. People who want to use apps developed by those developers. just like leopard, many of the core services in snow leopard make it much easier for people to develop, thus many apps with cool new features might be Snowy only.

4. People with high end 64 bit Intel Macs, like Mac Pros, who want to take advantage of the 64 bit optimization.

5. Those who have experienced stability issues with Leopard.

Connor P

Mike, ESC!Cast Network said...

Hey Connor,

1) mea culpa!

The JANUARY iPod Touch upgrade was $19.95. The 2.0 software update is, indeed, $9.95.

2) I agree that there are many great new developments coming in the upgrade to Snow Leopard. But are the reasons you listed enough to warrant a full upgrade price of $129 for the average Mac user? I think that's my question... with what we know about Snowy so far, what's the upgrade worth to you, or to the average Mac user?

(btw: I'll be buying it for sure ;) )