Tuesday, August 05, 2008

For Mac Eyes Only - "The Ranting of Loons"

Episode #087

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: We're storm delayed! Mike questions the need to protest over DRM, AT&T and Apple make it another year, Australia's four providers, MobileMe is Go!, MacMod Challenge, Big security patch, iPhone firmware updated, Arrgh, thar be Pirates!, Should you wait for new MacBooks?, Ron Wayne speaks, Gary's News and Views from Across the Pond, Web Travels with Dan, Jason's MacBook Podcast tip, Get push working on iPhone, Quick entry of links in iChat, Glitchy Flash player?, Show notes on the iPhone and iPod Touch and Should we have a meet-up?

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> DRM Protesters
> Another Year for Apple and AT&T
> Four Australian Providers!
> MobileMe Restored
> MobileMe Sync Issue Support
> MacMod Challenge
> UPDATE: Security Update 2008-005
> OpenDNS
> UPDATE: iPhone and iPod Touch Firmware 2.0.1
> UPDATE: iTunes 7.7.1
> UPDATE: VMware Fusion 2.0 Beta 2
> SOFTWARE: Camp Tune for Boot Camp
> GAMING: Sid Meier's Pirates for Mac
> RUMOR: Resellers Told To Stock Up
> RUMOR: New MacBook Features?
> RUMOR: OS X 10.5.5 Seeded
> FUN NEWS: Ron Wayne added to "Welcome to Macintosh"
> FUN NEWS: "Welcome to Macintosh" Community Site


Gary Malpas' News and Views from Across the Pond - UK and EU News
> 1Password
> Some Free WiFi hotspots in Europe
> iWood
> Stephen Fry
> Apple No 1?
> Back to School Promo
> 99p Rentals?
> iTunes under attack
> British Technology Awards
> MacLive Expo
> Cool webcam

MacBook Podcast Tip with Jason Whitener: Quick Dock Magnification
> Visit The MacBook Podcast

Web Travels with Dan: Doug's AppleScripts

For Mac Eyes Only Listener Quick Tip: Dennis tells us how to get push working on the iPhone once again.

For Mac Eyes Only Quick Tip: CMD+K for Quick Link Entry in IM
> Adium
> iChat

Listener E-mails:

Question: Brian having trouble with a glitchy web browser

Question: George looking for show notes on his iPhone

Feedback: Great show feedback from Jim S, David C and Barry F.
> How about it? Should we have a meet-up in the Chicago area? Drop me a line to let me know.

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1 comment:

Brad P. from NJ said...

Since I only own the 1 Mac product, I'm an easy person to fill out the poll. Of course, I would have to make sure that my power source is renewable and low impact. I can bring my solar panels (yes, I have portable solar panels) to charge my iPod, and then I can rock on.