Monday, October 20, 2008

For Mac Eyes Only - "The MacBooks Have Landed"

Episode #096

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Apple announces new MacBooks - what's good, what's bad, Worldwide Newton Conference, Updates from Apple and Microsoft, New iMacs in 2008?, More details emerge for Snowy, Jack-O-Lantern time, Gary's News and Views from Across the Pond, Trackpad Gestures, Time Machine Listener Challenge, Formatting external drives, Leopard on a G4?, Why should Mark pick 1Password?

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> New MacBook, MacBook Pro and LED Cinema Display
> RUMOR: 17" MacBook Pro Delayed until '09?
> "Joy of Tech" - Jobs on Firewire: Go Pro, or suck it up!
> Apple Debuts Two New "Get A Mac" Ads
> Worldwide Newton Conference 2009
> UPDATE: Migration and DVD/CD Sharing Update
> UPDATE: MacBook, MacBook Pro Software Update 1.2
> UPDATE: Microsoft Office 2008 12.1.3
> RUMOR: Updated iMacs Soon?
> RUMOR: More Information on Snowy
> FUN NEWS: Killer Robots Jack-O-Lantern Screensaver


Gary Malpas' News and Views from Across the Pond - UK and EU News
> CarPhone Warehouse Superstore to Sell Macs
> Apple Translated from French
> Apple Translated from Spanish
> iPlayer Downloads
> iPlayer TV License
> Doctor Who Cameo for Charles?

For Mac Eyes Only Quick Tip: Enable Trackpad Gestures for simple Multi-Touch-Like control.

Listener E-mails:

Question: Darren Asks About Time Machine and Time Capsule
> Restoring Files from Time Capsule

Question: Mike on Cross Platform Hard Drives
> SuperDuper!
> MacDrive

Question: Bob Wants to Run Leopard On His Old G4 PowerMac
> Other World Computing's Upgrade Center

Question: Mark Asks Why 1Password?
> 1Password
> 1Password Blog
> Pastor

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