Friday, December 12, 2008

For Mac Eyes Only Quick Tip Weekly - "Greeting Card Mailing Labels"

Quick Tip #037

Tips for printing your holiday mailing labels from OS X's Address Book.

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FMEO-QTW037-121208 (4'06, 2MB, 64kbps)

1 comment: said...

Great tip on creating labels! I had fussed with this before...exporting to a tab-delimited format, merging things..I should have known it was simpler that what I was trying to do.

The problem I have, though, is that I am having my changes to contacts (adding spouses, children) applied unevenly. Some changes show up when I go to print, some are incomplete, and some additional information is just missing.

I'm in Tiger at 10.4.11. Anybody else report problems?

Otherwise, great episode! Thanks!