Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For Mac Eyes Only - "Regular Rambling Respite"

Episode #111

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike reserves his rambling this week, Safari 4 beta, Hulu yanked from Boxee, iTunes Pass, 20" EOL, Acrobat Flaw, New Mac minis and iMacs?, Mac Plus on iPhone, Gary's News and Views from Across the Pond, Jason's MacBook Podcast tip, Web Travels with Dan, Snow Leopard in Box Set?, Syncing iTunes, Move content to external drive, more on Sleepy MacBook, and why not just unplug the mouse?

> Safari 4 Beta Launched
> Hulu Yanked from Boxee
> Hulu Responds
> 20" Cinema Display Dropped
> Depeche Mode iTunes Pass Announced
> Acrobat Critical Vulnerability
> UPDATE: MacBook SMC Update ver. 1.3
> UPDATE: EFI and SMC Firmware Updates for Intel Macs
> RUMOR: New Mac mini Video?
> RUMOR: New iMac Marketing Material Leaked?
> RUMOR: Snow Leopard Screenshots?
> FUN NEWS: Mini vMac for iPhone (YouTube)


Gary Malpas' News and Views from Across the Pond - UK and EU News
> German Speech Recognition
> Hamburg Apple Staff
> Brighton Store UK Also Looking for Staff
> Montpellier Apple Store
> Rinspeed Car
> Green MacBooks Make it to University
> 2008 A Good Year for Gaming?
> UbiSoft Games Coming to the Mac
> Orange App Store "right"
> Clone Wars or is it Star Wars?
> School Field Trips
> TV Tracker
> iPhone in Scandinavia

Web Travels With Dan: Automator World

MacBook Podcast Tip with Jason Whitener: Lock your desktop with "Lock Desktop"
> Lock Desktop
> Quick Tip Weekly #003

Listener E-mails:

Question: Michael B. and Ko M. looking for solution to sync iTunes libraries.
> myTuneSync
> Martian Slingshot
> SuperSync
> Sonzea
> TuneRanger
> Using RSYNC to keep 2 iTunes Libraries in Sync

Question: Brian has question about moving content to an external drive.

Feedback: Paul may have solution for Elaine's Sleepy MacBook

Feedback: David offers his simple solution to the Mouse wake issue.

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