Monday, March 30, 2009

For Mac Eyes Only Special Segment - "Malpas Mac Mini Madness"

This week, in lieu of our regularly scheduled episode of For Mac Eyes Only, our own News and Views from Across the Pond segment producer, Gary "Gazmaz" Malpas takes us on an adventure filled with intrigue, mystery, and a bit of romance (not really)...

Much like the fabled Indiana Jones, Mr. Malpas plumbs the depths of his Mac's inner sanctum, seeking to expand his mind (yet preserve his sanity) through adversity, striped screws and inexplicable power surges (Bad cables? Why did it have to be bad cables?!?) that threaten to rip the very life from the Mac mini he seeks to elevate to new heights. All in the vain hope of saving a couple quid.

Will Gary succeed in his quest to enhance his Mac-geek cred? Will his efforts to breathe new life into his freshly minted Mac mini meet with triumph ... or utter failure? Will he save enough dosh to buy the upgrade to iWork '09?

The answers lie within this week's special segment...

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