Monday, October 19, 2009

For Mac Eyes Only - "The Community As App"

Episode #143

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike discusses the one app that comes with every Mac ever sold, In-app purchasing for all, Snow Leopard Server Tour, BootROM defeats hackers?, Loose lips sink Apps, Droid takes on iPhone, iPhone tested on Verizon?, 4th Quarter Results, Mac Classic takes on Dual Core Vista box, Gary's News and Views from Across the Pond, Web Travels with Dan, Jason's MacBook Podcast Tip, Rescuing Photos from an iPod, Securing Address Book Data?, Flash on older Macs.

> Apple Allows In-App Purchasing for Free Apps
> 2009 Snow Leopard Server Tour
> New Firmware Slows, but Doesn't Stop Jailbreakers
> Apple Patents Media State Syncronization
> Back Soon!: Elgato's EyeTV App Pulled
> Droid Targets iPhone
> RUMOR: Despite Droid, iPhone Coming to Verizon?
> Apple Endorses WiFi Direct
> Apple's 4th Quarter Earnings Call (subscribe via iTunes)
> UPDATE: Performance Update 1.0 for Intel Macs
> UPDATE: iMovie 8.0.5 Supports iFrame
> RUMOR: New Seed of OS X 10.6.2
> FUN NEWS: 1987 Mac vs. 2007 PC

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Gary's News and Views from Across the Pond - UK and EU News
> Marketing or Great Experience?
> Internet on Flight 'How Much?'
> Phones 4U Gets iPhone
> 0% Financing on iMacs in Germany
> Palm Pre Available in UK
> Marseille Apple Store?
>Orange France Decreases iPhones Prices

Web Travels With Dan:
> App Classics
> Dan's FMEO Facebook Group

Jason's MacBook Podcast Tip: Moving and Resizing Your Mac's Dock.

Listener E-mails:

Question: Zando5 Looking for way to rescue photos from his iPod Classic
> File Juicer

Question: Bob asks if he can encrypt Address Book data
> 1Password
> Using Symbolic Links to Secure Address Book data

Question: Jeremy wonders how to speed up Flash on his older G4 PowerBook.

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rednicolas said...

Wow ... the new MacBook looks really nice. I had an eye on this one for a long time and now it's getting really hard not to go to an Apple store and buy one.

Barry said...

All the MacBooks feel really nice too. What's odd is that only the MacBook Air has a "button" on the trackpad. It seems out of place! I suspect it will be gone at the next MBA refresh.

Did you get it?