Tuesday, November 17, 2009

For Mac Eyes Only - "Even More Essential Apps"

Episode #147

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Essential Apps for Everyone, iPhone Malware: Now it's serious, Develop Games at Apple, Black Friday Deals Leaked?, Free Holiday WiFi, Vimeo goes mobile, Teacher's Helpers in Automator, Kevin Smith at Macworld, Safari updated, Wallace and Gromit, OS X's Calc on your desktop, Barry's Best of Blog World Expo, Will the new drive fit?, Sharing files with other users, Desktop icons lost.

Essential Apps for Mac Users 2009 continues with your picks for apps in several categories including Apps for creative users, small businesses, educators and developers:

Creative Apps
> Pixelmator
> ResizeIt
> Skitch
> iPhoto / Picasa / Aperture / Lightroom
> Audacity
> Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express
> Video Monkey

Business and Education Apps
> OmniFocus
> OmniPlan
> MindManager 7
> TeXShop
> Remember the Milk (web app)

Developer Apps
> Xcode
> Interface Builder
> TextWrangler

A Look Back:
> Essential Apps 2009
> Essential Apps 2008
> Essential Apps 2007
> Essential Apps 2006

> Jailbreakers Secure your iPhone Now!
> Mini DisplayPort Adopted by VESA
> Apple Seeks AAA Game Designer
> Apple Aiming for up to 50 New Stores in 2010
> RUMOR: Apple Black Friday Deals Released?
> Google Offers Free Holiday WiFi for Travelers
> Five Hotspot Safety Tips
> Vimeo Adapts to iPhone with Vimeo Mobile
> Sal Soghoian Talks Automator for Teachers
> Kevin Smith to Present at Macworld 2010
> UPDATE: Safari 4.0.4
> UPDATE: 5th Gen iPod Nano Firmware 1.0.2
> UPDATE: New Snowy Printer Drivers for Canon, HP, Brother and Lexmark
> UPDATE: Office 2004 11.5.6
> UPDATE: Office 2008 12.2.3
> UPDATE: Mailplane Updates License Limits
> UPDATE: Wallace and Gromit as iPhone app
> FUN NEWS: OS X's Calculator in the Physical World

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Barry's Best of Blog World Expo 2009
> Mediafly
> Mediafly on Twitter
> Roku
> Blog World Expo

Listener E-mails:

Question: Mike wonders if his Birthday present (a new hard drive) will fit his Mac.

Question: Dave asks about sharing files from the root of the drive.

Question: Pathfinder lost Travis' icons!

To restore, use Terminal to enter the following commands:
> defaults write com.apple.finder CreateDesktop -bool true
> killall Finder

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Running Time: 43:52

1 comment:

rednicolas said...

I know this is not the first time that I'll post this link but really everyone using Pixelmator should check out this video podcast. Very instructional and easy to follow tutorials. Pixelmator can do a lot more one would think with just a little knowledge of how the different tools work together.


Also for all VLC user. Go and get the MacRabbit icon makeover ... just makes it look as good as the app really is.