Wednesday, December 23, 2009

For Mac Eyes Only - "Not a Creature was Stirring, Not Even a Magic Mouse"

Episode #150

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Our 150th episode crammed full of your tips, tricks and vexing Mac questions, Jobs the Best CEO, VLC Seeks Help, iTunes Movie Bundles, Patches Galore!, TV Subscriptions Soon?, Tablet in January?, iPhone Dock of Cheese, iCat?, Gary's News and Views from Across the Pond.

> Steve Jobs Best Performing CEO in the World
> iTunes U's 100 Million Downloads
> Apple Seeks Experts for Apple Stores
> VLC Wants YOU! (if you're a Mac developer)
> iTunes Movie Bundles
> Another Adobe Security Advisory
> Microsoft Loses XML Patent Appeal
> UPDATE: 27" iMac Graphics Firmware Update
> UPDATE: Camera RAW Compatibility 2.7 (via Software Update)
> UPDATE: MobileMe iDisk 1.1 for iPhone
> UPDATE: Epson and Lexmark Printer Driver Update for Snowy
> UPDATE: Mail Services Update 1.1
> UPDATE: Xsan 2.2.1 Filesystem Update
> UPDATE: Thunderbird 3.0
> UPDATE: Perian 1.2
> UPDATE: Firefox 3.5.6
> RUMOR: ABC and CBS in iTunes Subscription Deal?
> RUMOR: WWDC to Coincide with AT&T Exclusivity End?
> BREAKING RUMOR: Apple Tablet in January?
> FUN NEWS: Cheesy iPhone Dock
> FUN NEWS: iMac Cat Bed?
> or an iMac Aquarium?

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Gary's News and Views from Across the Pond - UK and EU News
> Don McAllister Comment see the real Gazmaz?
> Pictures from the Liverpool Tweetup
> EU Volume Control
> Vatican Museum Guide
> Real money to Spare
> CANAL + TV App
> Most searched for gadget in the UK
> Can we have our App SVT?
> O2 Services go missing
> Tracking Santa

Listener E-mails:

Tip: Nicolas's tip for new Mac users is to get involved in the Community.

Question: Gary's Safari no longer downloads properly, iCal's icon not updating and problems with the Documents stack.
> OS X 10.6.2 Combo Updater

Tip: VMware's Pong Easter Egg
> Press Shift + Ctrl + Cmd + Option + V to create the 'Paschal Ovum' virtual machine

Question: Kevin's issue with symbols
> What IS that Option Key symbol?
> The Command symbol is the St John's Arms

Question: Jerry's playlist woes, copy and paste not working in Snowy?, and iPod Touch duplicate contacts.

Question: Lore would like to switch between active windows in the current application using the keyboard.
> Command + ` cycles through app windows
> Apple's eNews for Education newsletter
> Apple's Education Pages

Question: Tyler looking to change the name of the home folder. How to create RAR files in OS X and what, exactly, is the eMate?
> How to Change the Home Directory Name

> RARLAB's OS X command line utility
Front Ends:
> Springy
> BetterZip
> RarMachine
Extract Only:
> UnArchiver
> UnRarX

> DMOZ List of Newton Links
> eMate 300 Specs
> eMate at Apple Museum
> Available Apple downloads

Tip: Dean suggests changing the Bandwidth settings in iChat to improve its video quality.

Tip: Vaughan's trick for creating a new admin account
> reboot to Single User Mode (CMD+S during startup)
> mount -uw /
> rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone
> shutdown -h now

Other methods that work:
> Using Installation Disc
> Using "root"
> Using "dscl"

Question: Brian looking to click Java buttons using AppleScript. Suggestions are welcome!
> MacTech's AppleScript and Java Article

Tip: William's update to last week's Quick Tip
> Quick Tip Weekly #84

Tip: Tyler's suggests MyWi for iPhone tethering. Caution: Jailbreaking required!
> MyWi at Rock Your iPhone

Tip: Pat's tip for accessing special characters on the iPhone.
> Courtesy of

Tip: Steve suggests stepping down Flash Player for older Mac hardware
> Uninstall Tool For Flash Player 10
> Archived Flash Players

Additional Links to Know:
> The FMEO Apple Store Gallery

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Running Time: 1:01:55


rednicolas said...

Loved this show! I have another "quick tip" ... try to get your friends to convert to Mac ... it will help to enlarge the community. It can't be that hard as you won't be in lack of arguments ;-)

rednicolas said...

Ohh and here's a link to a post on a (Swiss) German website showing a picture of what might be the Apple Tablet.