Wednesday, March 10, 2010

For Mac Eyes Only - "The Passion of Apple"

Episode #160

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike ponders Apple's grip on the App Store, iPad Launch Date, Apple put the screws to record labels, $99 Developer Program, 2010 to be Year of the Game for Macs?, Apple to extend Cloud Storage?, Mike Daisey on Jobs and Apple, Gary's News and Views from Across the Pond, Web Travels with Dan, Analog Headsets and the Mac, DVI to HDMI, OS X on HP Notebook?

Editorial Links:
> Apple's App Store Approval Process
> iPhone Developer Agreement Uncovered (original EFF Link)
> Cats' Paw App (iTunes Link)

> iPad's Launch Date Announced (in the US)
> Apple Applies Pressure to Labels to Dump Amazon's Daily Deal
> Apple's Mac Developer Program Prices Slashed
> Valve's Steam Officially Announced for Mac
> BigPoint's Unity Coming to OS X and iPhone
> iCalShare is back
> Absolute Software Disables Remote iSight Activation
> UPDATE: FileMaker Cranks it to 11
> UPDATE: ProKit 5.1
> UPDATE: MainStage 2.1.1
> UPDATE: Office 2004 11.5.8
> UPDATE: Office 2008 12.2.4
> RUMOR: More Updates from Apple Soon?
> RUMOR: Apple to Extend Cloud Storage to include Movies and Television?
> RUMOR: Apple's Video Advertising Patent
> RUMOR: Special Event March 24th? Don't hold your breath!
> FUN NEWS: Mike Daisey's "The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs"


Gary's News and Views from Across the Pond - UK and EU News
> iMacs in Europe back to 24 hours
> Apple Execs travel to the UK
> EU to set limits on Data roaming Charges
> Penguin Books
> Conservative App
> BBC Cease and Desist

Web Travels With Dan:
> Angry Birds (App Store Link)
> Dan's FMEO Facebook Group

Listener E-mails:

Question: Connecting Analog Headsets to the single Audio In/Out port on Macs
> Griffin iMic
> DIY with Instructables steps to mod a Headphone Mic Adapter

Question: Robert's Mac Mini to an HDTV
> OWC's Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Stereo Adapter
> Kanex iAdapt Mini DisplayPort to HDMI w/5.1 Channel Digital Audio adapter

Question: Dave's Cheap Hackintosh Options
> Ubuntu for PC hardware
> Apple's Special Deals Page - Refurbished MacBooks

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> The FMEO Apple Store Gallery

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Running Time: 44:45

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