Wednesday, May 26, 2010

For Mac Eyes Only - You Can't Buy Magic With Cash

Episode #170

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike on Apple Keynote surprises, AT&T's Contractual Loyalty, Cheap iPhone at Walmart?, Ars Design Awards, Safari Security Hole Persists?, Cash and Carry iPads, Google Pac-man, Mac and PC bid fond farewell, Gary's News and Views from Across the Pond, Web Travels with Dan, Network File Sharing from OS X, Clear out Useless Files?, Focus Follows Mouse.

> RUMOR: Apple Phases Out iPhone 3G?
> RUMOR: Walmart to Sell iPhone 3GS for $97?
> AT&T Almost Doubles Early Termination Fees
> Ars Design Awards 2010 - Reader's Choice Poll
> Apple's Back to School Program Nets Free iPod Touch
> Safari's Two Year Old Vulnerability?
> Apple Repeals Cash Ban for iPad Purchasers
> UPDATE: Apple Releases MobileMe Update
> UPDATE: Boot Camp Update for 2010 MacBook Pro
> UPDATE: VMware Fusion 3.1
> UPDATE: Google Chrome Out of Beta
> UPDATE: Netflix for iPad
> Retrospect Snapped Up by Sonic
> RUMOR: AutoCAD Finally Back to Mac?
> GAMING: Half-Life 2 Comes to Steam for Mac
> GAMING: Google Pac-Man
> FUN NEWS: AdFreak's Complete "Get A Mac" Campaign

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Gary's News and Views from Across the Pond - UK and EU News
> British People Shun the iPad
> Reasonable iPad Carrier Rates in UK?
> Where can I get the iPad in the UK
> MEPs get iPads!
> Back To School arrives in France
> OnLive Games
> Is online Piracy the real culprit?
> O2 releasing Palm devices in UK on 28th May
> London WiFi (citywide)
> BBC Live streaming on Mobiles, but not the iPhone yet.
> New UK MUG

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Question: Sharing Alan's Mac HD Drive over the network.

Question: Travis wants to clear the dreck of OS X
> Monolingual
> Disk Inventory X

Question: Jonathan Would Like Focus Follows Mouse in OS X.
> Settling OS X Focus Follows Mouse Debate
> MondoMouse
> Zooom/2

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Running Time: 53:34

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