Thursday, August 19, 2010

For Mac Eyes Only - Drawn to Shiny Baubles

Episode #182

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Apple Manager in Kickback Scheme, Buying Apps in Bulk, New Support Communities, Apple's Right to Deny Flash?, Intuit Crushes Piggy Bank, Fisheye Lens for iPhone, Rage Screams on iOS, iTV in the Works, The MacBook Air Project, Web Travels with Dan, Russ Reviews Bike App, Blu-ray on Mac Pro, Verifying Time Machine Drive, Missing Content in Safari, Emailing Large Files.

> Apple Global Supply Manager Money Laundering
> Notebook Cache Tipped Apple to Racketeering
> App Store Volume Purchase Program for Schools
> Apple's Online Store for Resellers
> Apple Discussions become Apple Support Communities
> EU Joins FTC in Flash Investigation
> Adobe Says "We've moved on"
> Intuit Swallows Cha-Ching
> Jumsoft's 50% off to Stranded Cha-Ching Users
> Photojojo Smart Phone Camera Lenses
> UPDATE: iMac Display Brightness Update 1.0
> UPDATE: Snow Leopard Graphics Update
> UPDATE: iOS 3.2.2 and iOS 4.0.2 Security Updates
> UPDATE: Office 2004 11.6 & Office 2008 12.2.6
> UPDATE: Photoshop Express 1.3 for iOS
> UPDATE: Flash 10.1 for OS X
> UPDATE: VMware Fusion 3.1.1
> UPDATE: Box for iPad Update
> GAMING: 60fps Gaming on iPhone with Rage
> RUMOR: Apple TV Back to iTV?
> FUN NEWS: The MacBook Air Project

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Question: Glenn wonders about Blu-Ray on his first gen Mac Pro.

Question: Bob wants to verify .sparsebundle files on the Time Capsule.

Question: Jerry says Safari doesn't render sites properly.

Question: Phil looking to email 1GB(!) files.
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> Dropbox
> YouSendIt
> FileChute

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Running Time: 40:53

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