Thursday, October 07, 2010

For Mac Eyes Only - Like So Many Albums in a Milk Crate

Episode #188

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: No editorial this week, Want to Join TeamFMEO?, NVIDIA Settlement, Final Cut Studio Delays, iPhones and UDID Concerns, Facebook and Ping Still to Come?, Cherokee Language in iOS, Pubit! for Small Press, Critical Acrobat Flaws Patched, New MacBook Air?, Mac Museum for Sale, Gary's News and Views from Across the Pond, Web Travels With Dan, Annotate PDFs on the iPhone, Using a Mac Mini as Media Server.

> NVIDIA Settlement for Some MacBook Pro Owners
> Apple in CoverFlow Patent Mess
> RUMOR: Final Cut Studio Delayed to 2011?
> Potential UDID Privacy Issues?
> Xmarks Not Dead!? Maybe it's resting...
> Facebook Thinks Ping Deal May Happen
> Cherokee Language Support in iOS 4.1
> Apple TV USB Restore Mode
> B&N Pubit! Expands Options for Small Press
> UPDATE: Adobe Acrobat Pro and Reader 9.4 Critical Update
> UPDATE: Pixelmator 1.6.2 brings WebP Support
> UPDATE: SugarSync App Offers File and Folder Sync
> UPDATE: Amazon Kindle App for iOS (iTunes)
> UPDATE: Apple MobileMe Gallery App! (iTunes)
> UPDATE: WordPress 2.6 for iOS (iTunes)
> Intel App to Port ARM to ATOM?
> GAMING: HacX for iPad and iPhone
> RUMOR: iLife '11 (iLife '10??) Rumors Persist?
> RUMOR: New MacBook Air On The Way?
> FUN NEWS: The Mac Museum of Franklin Park NJ for Sale!(via RetroMacCast)

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Gary's News and Views from Across the Pond - UK and EU News
> Tourist App must go!
> BT File sharing
> German iPhones
> Edinburgh Apple Store
> Adidas: No iAdi-Ads!
> Phorm's legacy
> Mercedes likes the iPad
> UK Prime Minister, no Apple Fan Boy
> Breakthrough Breast Cancer Site
> Imagine!

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Question: Mark would like to annotate PDFs on his iPhone
> GoodReader for iPhone (iTunes)
> Aji Annotate PDF (iTunes)
Also See:
> GoodReader for iPad (iTunes)
> PDF Expert for iPad (iTunes)
> iAnnotate PDF for iPad (iTunes)

Question: Russ looking for ways to use a Mac Mini Media Server as well as how to manage it from afar.
> Perian
> Flip4Mac
> Elgato Tuners
> Plex
> ScreenSharingMenulet

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