Thursday, December 16, 2010

For Mac Eyes Only - Pass the Applenog

Episode #198

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike's Last Minute Gift Guide 2010, Mac App Store Launch Date, Sandy Bridge on the Way, Legal Tussles Abound, Canadian iBookstore, Apple Updates Ping, Epic UDK Available, iTunes and Other Apple Updates, Amiga on iOS, the LEGO Antikythera Mechanism, Gary's News and Views from Across the Pond, Web Travels with Dan, Stop iPhoto from Launching on Sync, QuickTip 122 Follow-up from Fellow Mac Podcaster.

For Mac Eyes Only Last-Minute Gift Guide 2010

Gifts For Mac Users:
> BackPack Shelf for iMac or Cinema Display
> Western Digital External Hard Drives
> Seagate External Hard Drives
> BookEndz Docks
> Elgato EyeTV
> MacSlaps
> Unique Skins custom skins

Gifts For iPhone & iPad Users:
> UpStand
> Mophie Juice Pack Portable Batteries

For All Apple Fanatics:
> Revolution in the Valley (Amazon Link)
> The Cult of Mac (Amazon Link)
> Give the Gift of Yourself! Some ideas include:
  • Help Organize an iPhoto Library
  • Provide Tips for Maintaining a Mac
  • One to One training on Installing Apps, Converting File, Ripping CDs, etc

> BREAKING: Mac App Store Launching January 6th
> RUMOR: Sandy Bridge Coming to Future MacBooks?
> Interval Research Group Lawsuit Setback
> Japanese Publishers Cry Foul
> Ministry of Canadian Heritage Approves iBookstore
> Netflix Streaming Deal with Disney/ABC
> Playlists Added to Ping
> to Shorten Ping Tweets
> Delta Airlines Charging Stations
> HP Adds AirPrint via Firmware Updates
> Epic Games UDK Coming Thursday (Today!)
> UPDATE: iTunes 10.1.1
> iTunes 10.1.1 Causing Crashes?
> UPDATE: Aperture 3.1.1
> UPDATE: 2nd Gen Apple TV Firmware 4.1.1
> UPDATE: Canon Printer Drivers 2.4.1
> UPDATE: FujiXerox Printer Drivers 2.1
> UPDATE: Lexmark Printer Drivers 2.3.1
> UPDATE: LED Cinema Display Firmware Update 1.0
> UPDATE: iBooks 1.2 (iTunes Store Link)
> UPDATE: MS Office 2011 14.0.2
> UPDATE: Comic Life 2.0
> UPDATE: Firefox 3.6.13
> Mozilla Patches 13 Vulnerabilities in Firefox
> GAMING: Amiga Emulator Coming to iOS
> FUN NEWS: Apple Engineer Builds Antikythera Mechanism from LEGO
> FUN NEWS:'s "Ancient Astronomy: Mechanical Inspiration"

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Gary's News and Views from Across the Pond - UK and EU News
> Virgin France now has iPhone
> Danish paper to sue Apple. I think not.
> Resellers new Store
> 3 unlimited or should that read 3 Free?
> UK iTunes 12 days of Christmas
> Spotify still on in the UK?
> iTunes HD Movie sales in UK
> Best Album & Song
> Original Apple Logo

Web Travels With Dan:
> Free iTunes Downloads
> Dan's FMEO Facebook Group

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Question: Justin asks how to stop iPhoto from opening when he connects his iPhone to the Mac.

Feedback: Guy from Podcast offers another suggestion for converting old graphics on the Mac.
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Running Time: 46:52

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