Monday, November 19, 2007

For Mac Eyes Only - "Random Maccess"

Episode #051

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Random thought snippets, Apple spying on us?, lightweight home brew Mac, big updates from Apple, Photo Booth jetsam, Jason of The MacBook Podcast helps clean up your Time Machine, renaming your accounts, a Quick Tip for Leopard and Mac Pro RAM.

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> For Mac Eyes Only widget by Michael Gillen.
> iPhone Spying On Us?
> Leopard on the EeePC
> Dockulicious
> UPDATE: Final Cut Express 4 Released
> UPDATE: Tiger Goes to 11
> UPDATE: First Major Patch to Leopard
> UPDATE: iMac Video Cards Patched
> UPDATE: Pro Apps Updated
> UPDATE: Squashing iPhoto Bugs
> FUN NEWS: Northampton Mac Finds Photo Booth Treasure!
> FUN NEWS: Can You Spot Gary?

Quick Tip: Filter Contact Photos in Leopard's Address Book

Review: Check out my review of Posterino 1.3.1

MacBook Podcast Tip by Jason Whitener: Deleting time machine backup files

Visit The MacBook Podcast

How-To: Rename Your Account

Listener Feedback: The cost of RAM for a MAC Pro.

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Unknown said...

Another reason they could be getting the idea that Leopard is our Vista is because so many of the Mac podcasts have been so depressingly negative. It's weird... and unique to this release. Have our expectations gotten so high that all we do is bitch about our beloved OS? When I installed leopard I was so excited and I have loved it since day one. I have had no trouble with it whatsoever... but between you and Mac OS Ken going on about all the things you didn't like (which, I admit it just as important as the things we do like)... I no longer was excited. You guys sapped all the fun out of it for a guy like me who had no problems with it. :(

Other than that, I love your podcast... despite your being a total buzzkill. haha

Mike, ESC!Cast Network said...

Hi Russ,

I think Leopard is the best OS X yet. I loved what I saw at that Apple store the night of release so much, I bought an extra copy that I didn't need!

However, I think it's important for me to relate my experiences with it (both positive and negative) for anyone listening who might still be on the fence about upgrading.

Because I rely on what used to be Finder folders on the dock and because I rely on iCal so much, the changes Apple made actually impact the way I use those programs. And I think you guys need to know that.

Overall, though, I hope my impressions of Leopard over the past four weeks of shows have come across as primarily positive.

Regardless of what anyone thinks, please don't let that cloud the joy you get out of the big cat!

Thanks for the kind words Russ!

Mike (aka. Buzzkill)