Monday, March 12, 2007

For Mac Eyes Only - "Chocolate Pie and Roses"

Episode #017

This week on For Mac Eyes Only we discuss if Leopard is closer than we suspect, Steve Jobs eating his own dog food, the new HD Photo proposal, mythical beasts in the Mac world, Mac Whines and bringing iPods back to life.

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> QuickTime and iTunes updates
> Macworld suspects new products soon
> TrueDisc for 100% data recovery?
> Steve Jobs using the iPhone already?
> New photo spec from Microsoft
> RUMOR: Flash based Macs
> RUMOR: RFID Chips for Wireless
> RUMOR: Google and Apple means free .Mac?
> Jajah could be useful after all and Wonky Wireless follow-up
> Mac Whines at

Ask the right questions when troubleshooting hardware long distance

Bring an iPod back to life
> Apple's Five Rs Assistant
> Apple Support Article: Reset your iPod

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