Monday, January 21, 2008

For Mac Eyes Only - "Macworld Musings"

Episode #059

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike recaps Macworld 2008 and discusses the real significance of the MacBook Air, $20 iPod Touch upgrade worth it?, NBC crawls back to iTunes, iPhone for business, bring Frozen Bubble 2 to your Mac with MacPorts, 10.5.2 aims to fix all, CoD 4 in May, Spore looks hot!, merging the new with the old in a Nanoscope, force eject that disc, a new tip from Jason of the MacBook Podcast, POP and Yahoo Mail solved, AVIs in QuickTime, Web editing on your Mac and Time Machine saves the day!

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> $20 iPod Touch Upgrade for Free?
> NBC's Zucker Says "We're Great Fans of Steve Jobs"
> AT&T Intros Business Plans for iPhone
> Royal Caribbean Goes Mac (via TUAW)
> UPDATE: QuickTime, iMovie, Front Row and iTunes all Updated
> UPDATE: Leopard 10.5.2 Looks to be Major Overhaul
> SOFTWARE: Porticus Released for MacPorts Project
> GAMING: Call of Duty 4 Coming to the Mac
> GAMING: Spore for Mac and PC Same Day
> FUN NEWS: The Nanoscope

FMEO Tip: Out, out damn spot ... err, CD!

MacBook Podcast Tip by Jason Whitener: Speed up your slothy browser.

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Listener Question: Jocke finds solution for accessing Yahoo! Mail via POP
> MacFreePops

Listener Question: David asks about missing sound in AVI files.
> Perian
> VLC Player

Looking for Quick Look Plugins?

Listener Question: Robert is looking for web editing software for the Mac.
> Dreamweaver CS3
> KompoZer
> RapidWeaver
> Coda

> VMWare Fusion vs. Parallels
> iPhoto
> Adobe Photoshop Elements 6
> Pixelmator
> MacHeist

Listener Feedback from Greg and Pam.

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