Monday, January 28, 2008

For Mac Eyes Only - "Maleficent Mac"

Episode #060

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Are Mac users too complacent and will it get worse? MacHeist: Good for Developers? 10.5.2 is Coming, Office 2008 Security Flaw?, Vudu the Dodo, Amazon MP3 Heading Overseas, Garmin Adds (some) Support for Macs, Leaked iPhone Application Key?, macHeads the movie, Copying files Mac to Mac, Jing FTW!, Gradient in Dock Grid and AI in NeoOffice.

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> 10.5.2 Adds Features We've Been Asking For
> How to Patch Office 2008's "Security Flaw"
> Vudu Slashes Prices to Catch Apple TV Take 2
> Amazon MP3 Expanding Overseas
> Garmin "Bobcat" Available for Mac
> RUMOR: iPhone Application Key Leaked?
> FUN NEWS: MacHeads the Movie

FMEO Quick Tip: Using Target Disk Mode

MacBook Podcast Tip by Jason Whitener: Use Jing for all your screen capture needs.
> The Jing Project

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FMEO How To: Add a cool gradient overlay to your Grid Stacks in Leopard.

> defaults write mouse-over-hilte-stack -boolean YES

Listener Question: Dave wonders about placing Adobe Illustrator files in NeoOffice.

Listener Feedback: Pam offers alternative solution to Hotmail/MSN users locked out of POP3 access by Microsoft.

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> macCompanion Magazine
> RetroMacCast podcast for great stories from Apple's history
> MacBreak Weekly
> MacFreePops

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