Monday, February 04, 2008

For Mac Eyes Only - "Protective Panacea"

Episode #061

This week on For Mac Eyes Only: Mike switches to Time Machine and says why everyone else should too, Gary Malpas' Across the Pond, Dan Vucsko's Web Travels, Apple TV users told to wait, Find Out How, Yahoo! quits music biz, Apple to counter Microsoft for Y!, Skype on Apple Tv, Beijing Apple Store, new macCompanion, iWork updated, Tom Tom GPS for Mac, iPhonesque, new MacBook Pros?, build a Hackintosh, Jason Whitener's MacBook Podcast segment on Journaling, Fn Keys on MacBook, bookmark to the desktop, AirPort Extreme and USB hub, Hotmail POP ... one more time.

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> Apple TV Users Wait for Update
> Apple's Profits Down on Apple TV
> Apple's Find Out How
> Yahoo! Quits Subscription Music Business
> Buys Audible
> Skype on the Apple TV
> New Apple Store in Tiananmen Square, China.
> Feruary 2008 macCompanion is available for download.
> UPDATE: iWork Suite Updated
> UPDATE: Tom Tom offers better Mac support.
> UPDATE: iPhonesque
> RUMOR: Apple to bid on Yahoo!?
> FUN NEWS: Under $350 Mac?

Gary Malpas' Across the Pond:
> O2 Gives More Value
> Italy, Spain and Switzerland to Get iPhone Soon.

FMEO Quick Tip: Fn Key Switch-a-roo

MacBook Podcast Tip with Jason Whitener: Hard Drive Journaling.

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Dan Vucsko's Web Travels:

Listener Question: How To Bookmark Sites on the Desktop.

Listener Question: Using a Hub with an AirPort Extreme.

Listener Feedback: from Luis.

Links to Know:
> ESC!Cast now on Pownce
> macCompanion Magazine
> Tekzilla
> SuperDuper!
> MacFreePops

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